Jessica Alba

Freaking A! Jessica Alba is fine, I wish she wouldn't cut her hair though so short. All girls should have long hair its great. Mind you if you have an abusive husband, they might use it to pull on. But I don't know. Long hair's great. Punjabi!


Jenny Nicole Lee

What can I say, this is a super hot, beautiful model. Santa definitely knows who is naughty and who is nice this year. Merry Christmas. Jenny Nicole Lee is one of the most fine models around from her beautiful smile to her great female attributes she is so hot and can make any man fantasize about her. Wow she is just so stunning i can't believe that no man could be dating her we all know that she is single currently though that is no long for her she will soon be ready to date...


Hot Models Ready for Runway

Those are five of the most prettiest models you can find in the bay area they have the looks in a bikini and they can also walk the runway if you know what I mean. These Models have it all from their heels and beautiful clothing to almost everything.


What gym does she go to?


Naughty Jessica


Naughty Monica


Naughty Alexa